Monthly Archives: December 2018

The Blissánce Boutique

The dictionary describes a Boutique as a business serving sophisticated or specialised clientele.  This is what I aim to do here in the Blissánce Boutique through my blogs. I will talk about my own life experiences which led me to the point where I needed to change things in my life to improve my

The Blissánce Feeling

The Blissánce Feeling is a beautiful, warm, safe & secure yet exciting feeling of self-love & joy in abundance in your life. It’s all about finding balance. Self-Love is the first step in the Blissánce Method. Self-love is not selfish it’s essential. There are endless positive benefits & knock on effects to your emotional, mental,

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Decluttering is for anyone who: loves themselves enough to want to declutter feels any stress, overwhelm, guilt, annoyance or other negative feelings in association with clutter in their space and would like to change this wants to free themselves from challenges that come with clutter knows their life can flow more free and easy, than

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