The Blissánce Boutique

The dictionary describes a Boutique as a business serving sophisticated or specialised clientele.  This is what I aim to do here in the Blissánce Boutique through my monthly blog.

I will talk about my own life experiences which led me to the point where I needed to change things in my life to improve my physical, emotional, energetic and mental health which were suffering. I began practicing the Blissánce Method and adapting it to every aspect of my life.


1. Self-Love

2. Decluttering

3. Organising

I constantly experiencing the positive knock on effects and benefits to all aspects of my life as a result of embracing my Blissánce Journey. I am grateful for the opportunity to share all this with you and to coach, motivate and empower you to do the same, so you too can enjoy a healthier, happier Blissánce Life.

I hope you enjoy these posts and find them helpful.

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