As a graduate of the Declutter Academy I offer a range of professional decluttering & organising services for your business so you can begin your Blissánce journey to a healthier more prosperous you

I specialise in decluttering your business, office, guest house, hotel, stately home & exclusive wedding venues.

 “The journey is not about becoming a different person, but loving who you are right now” – Suzanne Heyn

Some benefits of applying the Blissánce
Method to your business

  • More productive and efficient
  • Make more money & spend less
  • Create space for your business to grow and flow
  • Getting new customers & clients
  • Feeling a sense of relief, freedom, lightness and peace of mind
  • Feeling more in control, decisive and selective

Our services include

The Silver Package

1 hour Decluttering & Organising Consultation in client’s business premises
  • Getting to know my client & their decluttering needs
  • Working through blocks, fears and negative emotions in relation to clutter & decluttering
  • Explaining the many benefits and knock on effects of the process
  • Understanding & prioritising areas of your business for decluttering
  • Empowering and motivating you to begin your Decluttering Journey


The Gold Package

Half Day Decluttering & Organising Experience in client’s business premises

  • Includes everything in The Haven Package
  • Plus 2 hours hands on Decluttering Help


The Platinum Package

Full Day Decluttering & Organising Experience in client’s business premises

  • Includes everything in The Haven Package
  • Plus 3 hours hands on Decluttering Help


The Diamond Package

Project Management of Your Business’s Blissánce Journey
  • Includes everything in The Palace Package
  • Plus flexible follow up consultations & support to suit individual clients needs


What People Are Saying

  • My wardrobe was a mess, it was packed to the rafters and it really stressed me out every time I went to find something to wear. Some of the clothes I’d had for years and even though they were totally out of style I just couldn’t part with them. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sort this on my own so I got in touch with Sandra. I was dreading the appointment because I was so afraid she’d judged me. There was no need, she was so kind and gentle in her approach and helped me understand why I was holding on to nearly every item I’d ever bought. My wardrobe is so organised and Sandra has taught me how to keep it that way. Choosing something to wear is an absolute pleasure now. Thanks Sandra xxx

    – Deborah –

  • I can’t begin to explain the sense of relief and the sense of freedom that came from working with Sandra on the whole decluttering & organising process for my business.

    Time is a fundamental commodity as anyone in business will tell you and I can happily say that I have more time to meet customers, get more productive work done and have control over my time again, thanks to working with Sandra. The knock on effects of this process continue to improve both me & my business

    – Mike Gargiulo, The Delivery Guys –

  • “Thank you Sandra for providing a professional, enthusiastic & supportive service which was enjoyable from beginning to end.

    With Sandra’s gentle guidance, I have finally tackled my extremely cluttered wardrobe. Thanks to Sandra’s creative direction, I now feel organised and empowered each morning.”

    – Julie –

  • After my separation I had zero interest in myself. My self-confidence was rock bottom. Sandra has always been supportive, gentle, positive and authentic.

    By adopting the Blissánce Method my self-confidence and self-image have increased immensely. I couldn’t be happier. I now enjoy quality time with my kids as well as having time for myself to do the things that make me feel great.

    Fear of putting myself out there for interviews has held me back in the past but now I am about to start the job I have always wanted. Thanks for helping me change my life Sandra.

    – Jason –

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