The mission of blissánce

I recognise the uniqueness and dignity of each individual and provide a gracious confidential one-to one service characterised by gentleness, authenticity, warmth, reliability, elegance, creativeness and professionalism at all times. Having experienced the serendipity of embracing The Blissánce Method myself & relishing in the endless physical, mental & emotional benefits of this journey my life has completely changed for the better. I am grateful for this opportunity to share my knowledge, skills and experiences with you so you too can change and live a love filled Blissánce Life. Coaching people on the enormous health, emotional and mental benefits of practicing self-love is something I am very passionate about.

Self-love isn’t selfish it’s important!

Meet Sandra

I began decluttering my own home & wardrobe and was quickly experiencing the positive benefits and knock on effects. After decluttering came the organising of the items I was keeping and arranging these items in a way that worked and flowed for me. During both these processes I noticed the feeling of self-love became very prominent. It was a real feel good feeling, which I loved. I will teach you how and why you should nourish your self-love and how to make it a priority in your life. Coaching people on the enormous health, emotional, energetic and mental benefits of practicing self-love is something I am very passionate about.

The Blissánce Method has changed my life in such a magnificent way. I live a harmonious fulfilled life abundant in love and joy. I love my life. I am proud of who I am and I am happy and grateful to be able to share my life experience and expertise with you so you too can live the life you want & deserve, abundant in love and joy.

The blissánce method

1. Self-love

focusing on abundance of self-love & joy in your life

I coach you on how to practice The Blissánce Method so you can change your life for the better. The first step in the Blissánce Method is Self-Love. I teach you how to embrace self-love & to follow your joy so you too can experience the abundance of positive benefits & endless positive knock on effects to your emotional, mental, energetic and physical health which is the result of living a Blissánce Life.

2. Decluttering

letting go of anything that is holding you back from living the life of your dreams

Clutter is anything in your life that is not serving you or making you feel good or anything that you feel you should let go of but can’t. Decluttering is learning how to let your clutter go and by learning to release your emotional attachments to these items you create space physically, mentally & emotionally to allow new positives into your life. The benefits and knock on effects of decluttering in the right way are mind blowing.

3. Organising

creating ease by putting systems in place & allowing it all to flow

Organising is done after decluttering. In my experience people don’t become organised if they don’t learn how to declutter in the right way first. Organisation is creating order and putting systems in place for the items you like and have decided to keep. Organisation allows the positive functionality and positive energy of your decluttered space to flow with ease

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